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Storman - 18 May 13:37

She is from The Philippines and not Thai

Simmoms - 2 March 20:48

Lindsey, by that logic, my being attracted to white and Thai women means that I am racist against black and Latina women. That is nonsensical. It's kind of like saying since I'm attracted to women and not men, I'm homophobic. Having a preference for something doesn't mean you believe all else is inferior. I completely disagree with the conclusions you are coming to here.

Pavon - 4 October 11:03

I want next. We can bareback til we both cum.

Siniard - 23 August 15:35


Jane - 22 April 14:33


Dixie - 1 August 15:22

Atheists are the victims of hate crimes, both today and in the past. Atheists are widely considered to be as bad as child abusers and rapists (who is worse, the dude who hurts your child temporarily or who condemns them to eternal torture?). Atheism is still a criminal offense around the world; I don't see how the date matters even an iota.