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Tamra - 19 November 19:01

this is the type of female to marry

Flatten - 12 November 10:49

I love the variables on the Klein scale. I scored a 3.05. My problem is that I'm more physically, emotionally and socially attracted to women, but my sexual fantasies are almost exclusively about men, and I've enjoyed sex with men more. I've had equal experiences with both.

Rueben - 2 December 22:02

I would say, although I'm not a Catholic, that the men who abused Catholicism as a way to gain power and money are more at fault than the religion as a whole. :)

Corradino - 21 April 03:40

People like you absolutely disgust me, you, lame pieces of crap that need to do politics in order to defend themselves because they cannot, weaken human bloodline to its worst, you should be shot in mass. Puke.